Best wishes for the festive season

Please note, our offices will be closed from Friday 15 December through to Monday 15 January.  Violence Free Communities wish you all the very best for the festive season.




Cyber-bullying – helping to make our young people safer on-line

"Naked photos of girls and young women shared on Snapchat against their will - National - NZ Herald News...Nearly half of female students spoken to in a new survey said they had had an embarrassing photo put online against their will last year. The survey, by cyberbullying awareness group Sticks 'n Stones, spoke to 11- to 18-year-olds from 10 schools across Central Otago" Violence Free Communities is teaming up with Sticks 'n Stones and Heart 4 Youth Trust to coordinate youth-led anti-bullying and youth empowerment initiatives in West Auckland. Massey High School is our first school so far, with almost 100 students trained as peer mentors, 12 Sticks 'n Stones ambassadors, a Pink Shirt Day event, and more initiatives are being planned as we speak. It's a great team at Massey High, creating some positive action against bullying at their school.