World Suicide Prevention Day 10 September

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The World Suicide Prevention Day on 10 September, is coming up and communities in Auckland, New Zealand, and around the world, are gearing up to bring awareness, understanding, and care to their friends, families and communities. Most people in NZ know someone, or of someone, who has taken their own life – not because they wanted to, but because it just became too painful.

Wanna show you care and connect with others who want to do the same?

On the 3rd September, check out the Walk of Hope. Locations all around Auckland!

In the meantime, and behind the scenes, Keep On Keepin’ On: Suicide Prevention and Awareness Aotearoa, and Bullying: Not Our Future, have teamed up to bring you the annual Keep On Keepin’ On Carnival on 13 November at Corbans Estate. There will be a whole variety of opportunities leading up to the carnival to participate in fun events and initiatives for the whole family. We will share them here!

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Lets be caring, spend more time, and share more love with our families and friends! The ripple effect will be felt…


Bullying: Not Our Future

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Bullying: Not Our Future

Violence Free Communities has teamed up with Austar Realty to coordinate youth-led anti-bullying/youth empowerment initiatives in West Auckland. We are both so proud and excited that this project now has a new name and logo!

A Big Shout out to:

  • The Personal Best Mentors at Massey High School for brainstorming the new name
  • Shan Yu, a senior student leader at Massey High School, who designed the logo

Bullying: Not Our Future initiatives so far this year:

Massey High School:

  • Almost 100 senior students trained as peer mentors (PBM – Personal Best Mentors)
  • PBM teams visit each Year 9 class on a weekly basis for support and friendship
  • PBM Leaders creating PBM Strategic Plan and Mentor Handbook
  • PBM Leaders organised the Pink Shirt Day event
  • PBM Leaders are organising 3 more initiatives this year:
    • Humans of Massey High School, Making connection – Social Experiment, The Big Sit event

The “I AM I” Project:

  • A creative arts and self-development project for youth in West Auckland with a difference
    • 8 different creative arts, working together with a common theme to showcase at a final exhibition/event

More to Come:

Violence Free Communities are currently working on more collaborations with schools, community groups and organisations to bring more initiatives into West Auckland!

‘I AM I’ – a youth creative arts project with a difference


The ‘I AM I’ Project

Violence Free Communities are excited to join together with the creative team at Zeal for the ‘I AM I’ Project – a creative arts programme for youth with a difference! There are 8 different creative arts focus areas where participants:

  • choose an art
  • create & explore a common theme for the semester
  • showcase their themed creative projects together at a final exhibition/event

‘I AM I” – Create – Learn – Expand – Be part of something BIGGER than yourself

I AM I starts in mid-August, so get in quick!

Front of Programmes Flyer sem2
Zeal Workshops sem 2back


Cyber-bullying – helping to make our young people safer on-line

“Naked photos of girls and young women shared on Snapchat against their will – National – NZ Herald News…Nearly half of female students spoken to in a new survey said they had had an embarrassing photo put online against their will last year. The survey, by cyberbullying awareness group Sticks ‘n Stones, spoke to 11- to 18-year-olds from 10 schools across Central Otago”

Violence Free Communities is teaming up with Sticks ‘n Stones and Heart 4 Youth Trust to coordinate youth-led anti-bullying and youth empowerment initiatives in West Auckland. Massey High School is our first school so far, with almost 100 students trained as peer mentors, 12 Sticks ‘n Stones ambassadors, a Pink Shirt Day event, and more initiatives are being planned as we speak. It’s a great team at Massey High, creating some positive action against bullying at their school.



Voices for Change: Youth Empowerment Initiatives

Pink Shirt Day 20 May

Voices for Change at Massey High School

Youth leaders are gearing up for a great event at their school with the help from Violence Free Communities, Sticks ‘n Stones, & Heart 4 Youth Trust.

Big shout out to our sponsors

Planning meeting with the Pink Shirt Day team


Training Day with Sticks ‘n Stones and the Pink Shirt Day team


Why Pink Shirt Day?