BNOF: Stories of YCZ making a difference

A story of Youth CyberZone Teams making an impact ……

The Rutherford College Cyber Student Leadership Team started up the RC Cyber Safety Committee Instagram page – an initiative that came out of the students’ training as part of Violence Free Communities’ Cyber Savvy Schools Programme. This training is being conducted by Violence Free Communities as part of the Bullying: Not Our Future project.

Here is a heartening story that shows young people making a positive difference in others’ lives . . . .

At the end of June 2017, a boy from an intermediate school south of Auckland contacted the RC Cyber Safety Committee Instagram page, which he found by googling ‘cyber safety’. 

This boy was being bullied online, and being told to take his own life. He was going to do it but stopped. He made contact with the Instagram page, and the student advocate who responded to him, one of the Rutherford College Cyber Student Leadership Team, was able to help and assist him in initiating the support he needed from Netsafe and now Netsafe is actively working with him.  Netsafe was very impressed with the support of the student advocate and they welcome any phone calls.

Here is the feedback Netsafe provided to Violence Free Communities:

“Netsafe received a call from a young leader in your service regarding a young person who had reached out to her because he was being bullied online.  Because of the referral made by the reporter, and her ability to keep the distressed young person engaged, organising the contact between him and Netsafe, we could support the young person to address the issues they were having online. The young person reached out to the young leader through your social media page.  If this support had not been there we may have never been able to help the young person in distress. Your young leaders are offering great support and we will look forward to working with them again.”   Netsafe