BNOF: Youth CyberZone Community

The YCZ teams connect and collaborate with other school teams (such as PSSP, PB4L...) and community organisations to extend it's reach for a stronger and broader impact.

Making connections in the community ties us to the bigger picture.  It's not just about ourselves or our school - it is also about our family, friends and neighbours - our overall community, and the city we live in.

When youth see other youth doing cool things and having fun, they want to join in too!  More youth, more fun, more participation, more feeling good, more connection, more sense of belonging - this will increase positive attitudes and behaviour and life experience. 


Here's some past examples of events and initiatives the team have collaborated on:

Massey Selfie Competition - Youth Week 2017


Vibe Youth Arts Festival - Breaking Down Barriers (Youth Week 2017)

Check out the video link below:



 "Messages are always important and I feel that the more we talk about social issues, the more comfortable we will feel when we confront them.  I totally support anything that promotes connections in the community and would love to see as many compelling ways to do this as possible."  
Bree, Breaking Down Barriers Team Member,Vibe Youth Festival