Jade Speaks Up – DVD resource

Children now have a new and powerful resource that will help them to put strong safety strategies in place to support them, should violence occur in their lives.


This 8-minute film, along with accompanying workbook manuals, supports therapists, parenting programme facilitators and teachers to offer strategies to children on how to keep themselves and others safe from violence. The story follows Jade, a nine year old child, who is struggling with some tensions at home. The messages about strategies are accompanied by fun, music, and lyrics which highlight the core thoughts… “I have the right to be safe”, “Breathe, Think and Do” and “Who can help me be safe?”

The resource has also been welcomed by facilitators within group settings whilst presenting to parents and also to children in both schools and therapeutic settings.


For over four years we were the backbone of this project, bringing together funders, community organisations, scriptwriters, singers, animators and educators to create a truly unique New Zealand resource focused on keeping children safe around family violence.

After collaborative character development, a story board linked with sound track, audience testing with children and adult providers, both full animation and  manual writing for digital workbooks was completed.

We  had two amazing launch events with the first held in May 2014 at the old Waitakere Council Chambers in Henderson and then in June 2014, a launch was held in Wellington  and hosted by Minister Bennett at Parliament. Both were fantastic nights of celebration featuring performance artists from ROOTZ, singers and actors from the film and great empowering and supportive speeches. Thank you to all who made it possible.  Jade Speaks Up Launch photos Parliament

Jade Speaks Out launch interview with VFW CEO Elaine Dyer

Jade Speaks Up!

The resource price is NZ$75 GST inclusive plus shipping cost. This resource will consist of two discs, the animated film and a set of lesson/ session plans and is available for purchase. To learn more email admin@violencefreecommunities.org

When you purchase the Jade Speaks Up DVD Pack you are welcomed to join the Jade Speaks Up Community Group to share with, support and encourage other facilitators.

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