Our Co-patrons

Sir Bob Harvey


I have been involved with Violence Free Communities from its very beginnings and couldn't be prouder of my association with it and the fantastic work that gets done.  

My commitment to end violence in the west is also long held and I have been involved in many initiatives created by this organisation and others.  When I was Mayor of Waitakere I set up and led a task force to tackle the very destructive and depressing issue of violence in our communities.  The task force enabled everyone involved with the issue to put their heads together to collaboratively work up solutions.  And that collaboration worked.  We had some huge successes.   The It's Not OK campaign was commendable and it worked.  The west is a better place thanks to initiatives like that and this organisation and its dedication to making a difference in people's lives.  We all have a very important role to play.

Sir Bob Harvey


Lady Susan Satyanand


Violence Free Communities carries on its support for children in Waitakere and West Auckland in a commendable fashion.  The Toddlers’ Day Out and Great Parenting Fair is now supported by the YMCA.  Children are celebrated and parents and caregivers are greatly encouraged.

I am delighted to continue my support for Violence Free Communities as co-patron.  It is an organisation that is nimble and resilient. Importantly, it is helping to make the community a place where people can grow a better future.