BNOF: Youth CyberZone Pro-Social Events

The YCZ team collaboratively develops and facilitates initiatives and events at school each term to raise awareness of online bullying and keeping yourself safe.

  • We believe youth led pro-social events can be empowering and an effective way to get 'messages' out to youth.  These could be events, social experiments, online campaigns.

  • Each initiative will have a student lead co-ordinator who works with their teams and is supported by the BNOF

  • Events could be linked with National/Global awareness days such as pink shirt day, youth week, international stand up to bullying day etc.


Here's some past initiatives:



Pink Shirt Day brings awareness to the global issue of bullying.  Check out our videos from 2016 and 2017.








Other pro-social events

Check out some events run at Massey High School, West Auckland, 2016.






The Big Sit

The Big Sit addresses bullying through a mass peaceful sit-in - free hugs, jazz music, sausage sizzle, bake sale.

Speed Friend-shipping

Speed Friend-shipping address stereotyping and labelling others.


International Women's Day



International Day of Happiness