Run an Our Amazing Place in your community

OUR AMAZING PLACE is a project that has been developed and refined by Violence Free Communities.  The process has multiple dimensions which are all directed at connecting a community with its local "assets".  The process involves mapping the wonderful "assets" that are located within a neighbourhood and profiling them in a free family event.

Assets could be:




And.... This is not just a one off event.  The objectives of an OAP are:

To cultivate a greater sense of community identity and belonging

To create an event for the whole family to have fun with the community, in the community

To showcase local natural, social and built capital

To provide an opportunity for community networking and socialising

To build foundations for increasing community resilience

To develop a greater understanding of who's who in the community and who is doing what

To identify needs/wants in the community and be a platform for community driven projects to meet these


Check out what happened at the Glen Eden treasure hunt - this shows what opportunities there are when organising treasure hunts.

Do you want to run an Our Amazing Place event in your community?

We can support you through our experience and by sharing our:

  1. Operations manual  
    Step-by-step instructions and experiences from Our Amazing Place Community Treasure Hunts.
    Manual includes:  
    1.  What is an Our Amazing Place treasure hunt
          - Introduction
          - Treasure hunt objectives
          - Research
          - Relationship with Violence Free Communities
    2.  Toolbox
    3.  Planning and organising a Community Treasure Hunt  
          - Organising timeframe
          - Collaborating organisations and working with your organising group
          - Budget and funding
          - Visioning and asset mapping
          - Event details (date/time/event base/route/map/passport/stations/evaluation/
                  activities/after event/prizes)
          - Legal and local government compliance
          - Volunteers
          - Marketing and promoting your Community Treasure Hunt
    4.  Treasure Hunt - on the day
          - Participant information
          - Photographer/videographer
    5.  After the Treasure Hunt 
          - Debriefing and feedback
          - Acknowledgement and thanks

  2. Toolbox and graphics library 
    These are a companion to the manual.  They include templates, ideas and examples from previous treasure hunts.

We hope these resources will provide you with all the inspiration and practical help to organise your own community treasure hunt.  In addition, we hope that you will add to these resources so that we can continue to improve the learning and inspiration of OUR AMAZING PLACE.

To find out more and for our terms and conditions email or phone 09 837 4849



Evaluation and Research

We are a learning organisation and it is important to us that as we develop new projects, events and models, they are thoroughly evaluated.  All projects are developed through an ongoing action-reflection-action process.

Here's some of our evidence:

Does Our Amazing Place build community resilience