Toddler Day Out and Great Parenting Fair

Raising awareness of the importance of the early years, linking to support available and having fun!  

A day for parents, caregivers and their families.

Toddler Day Out & Great Parenting Fair (TDO) is a huge family-fun event that offers early childhood education (ECE), social and health services an opportunity to promote their services to hundreds of families with young children, creating resilience and contributing to violence-free communities.




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Read the many amazing quotes from agency organisations and community groups who have experienced being a stallholder at a Toddler Day Out Event!

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Tamaki Christmas Parade and Toddler Day Out, 3 December 2016

On the 3rd of December 2016 the Tamaki Community Christmas Parade and Toddler Day Out saw 1000's of whanau and friends come together to enjoy some free fun.

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TDO 2016

In its 12th year, this year’s TDO was held at the Massey Leisure Centre on a sunny Saturday, 14 May.  The day was an enormous success - an estimated 5,000 - 6,000 people came!  The theme for the event was "Healthy, Happy Families" and was organised in collaboration with the YMCA.

“The day had all the colour, excitement, lively conversations, play, activities and family support as ever, but with the added bonus of a closer and more personal sense of community.  Each area of the Massey Leisure Centre had a different look and feel: from the buzz of the main information hall, the loud fun of the messy play area, to the small intimate stage that drew the children right into the action, to the international sights and smells of the healthy food area, and to the concentrated activities of the Don Buck room with its puzzles, crafts and face painting.

The fact so many parents and carers went away with new ideas and options, and so many kids smiled and laughed as they learned while they played, was the direct result of the support we received from our funders, the YMCA and Healthy Families.  The prizes we received from local businesses, and the healthy food and educational toy giveaways donated to us added another layer of fun and delight to the day.”

Carolynn Day, TDO Project Leader.



ToddlerDayOut-A4 Poster-2016-FB







TDO 2015

"The total amount of information was awesome, comprehensive, detailed, focussed on children", "The kids loved the free rides and the fire service, book bus and ambulance.  The petting farm is always a favourite as well', "The happiness in my daughters eye. Whenever she turned around there was something amazing, rides, animals, performances, frozen characters",  and these were just a few of the comments received.....  Toddler Day Out 2015 was held on a sunny March 7 at the Trusts Arena in Henderson.  Attended by approximately 9-10,000 people, the event comprised of 75 organisations and had a theme "It Takes a Village to Raise a Child".

TDO Picture



Clohe , Savannah & Zoe

Toddler Day Out