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Our vision

Thriving, peaceful communities where people are positively engaged in life-fulfilling ways.


We promote violence free communities by creating projects, events and tools that support people to enjoy active participation in their community.

To produce long term social change through violence prevention, particularly children.

To produce model projects which successfully create community resilience and other effective alternatives to violence.

To promote the use of our successful model projects in other communities, locally, nationally and internationally.

To be recognised as leaders in the area of innovative violence prevention and community resilience building.

A word from Dr Geoff Bridgman

Lecturer Department of Social Practice Unitec

Early Childhood intervention through education programmes for children and their parents, building up community resilience through relationship building events and teaching children and the community how to resolve issues around bullying and conflicts are ways in which we can prevent violence.

Our projects such as Toddler Day Out and Great Parenting Fair, Our Amazing Place Community Treasure Hunts, and Bullying Not Our Future are just some of the ways in which we outreach to our wider community and make a difference. Our commitment is to refining great programmes or events, researching their effectiveness and creating clear operations manuals which can be easily transferred to other areas and communities.  These successful programmes and events are now happening nationwide.  We have always placed a strong emphasis on the importance of collaboration and this has proven to be the best formula.  Engagement and collaboration make for resilient communities.  We have created a wonderful resource called Jade Speaks Up, which is helping children around issues of domestic violence, giving them education and tools to help deal with frightening situations and how to keep themselves safe.

We invite you to have a look at who we are and what we are doing, with some of our past achievements and future plans:

How do we know it's working?

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Our organisation was registered as an Incorporated Society in 2000. The intention was to be owned by the community and have a community based accountability. The organisation 'evolved' out of three years of informal discussions and the formation of a working party involving a number of agencies (Man Alive, WAVES, WATCS) The organisation at this stage was called Zero Tolerance to Violence (ZT2V) and its point of difference was its focus on the prevention of violence.

In its first two years there was a focus on the Ranui community, working alongside the Ranui Action Project (RAP). This included the 'Dob in Do-Gooders awards', AVP workshops and the Violence Free Begins With Me (VFBWM) pilot - a programme run within primary schools.

In 2002 the organisations name was changed to 'Violence Free Waitakere' in recognition of the growth of the organisation and the need to extend out of the Ranui community and reach all the Waitakere City communities.

Since this time the number of projects and programmes we have developed has grown, as have the staff and contractors. Our achievements include:

  • Violence Free Begins With Me - until 2013
  • Setting up a networking group called 'Promoting Great Parenting' - from 2004-2015
  • Photo competitions to celebrate families - 'Westie Dads' and 'Marvellous Mums' - 2013/2014
  • Toddler Day Out and Great Parenting Fair - 2006 onwards
  • Our Amazing Place Community Treasure Hunts - 2013 onwards
  • Development of the Jade Speaks Up DVD and resources - 2014 onwards
  • Banishing Bullying Together - strengthening the McLaren Park/Henderson South community - 2014/2015
  • Bullying Not Our Future/Youth CyberZone - a youth centred and co-designed programme to support the youth of West Auckland - 2015 onwards
  • Playdays - 2013
  • Little Kauri: Successful transitions to school (a project run in the West Harbour Primary School catchment) - 2014 - 2017

In 2015 the organisation changed its name to 'Violence Free Communities'. This was to be consistent with our mission of creating projects, events and tools that support people to enjoy active participation in their communities. For us this means more than Waitakere, it means Auckland wide, nationwide and globally!


2011 Infratil Community Award, Auckland Council Supreme Winner.

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